What are the best coding and programming languages? How do you even decide what you want to study when you go to the bookstore? Is there any way that you could plumb through every subject, niche, and topic, and book thereof, and ever reach the end of the programming maze? Could you ever find a way through each book?

Because no one has all the time in the world to learn every programming language, they have to vet and filter them out to find the best ones that are the most efficient, fun, and interesting.

Among the thousands of programming languages out there, there are ten that stand out as being particularly good. Their job marketability and vast reach make them particularly good candidates to learn. If you’re looking to enhance your career opportunities, then these are the programming languages to look into. Knowing a few programming languages is viewed as a safe harbor in an economy tornado storm. These solid skill sets will be marketable as long as the languages still are.

There is a beauty in numbers. There are developers who have had piles of cash given to them because they knew the right programming languages, the right people, and were in the right place at the right time. Programmers will tell you that learning new languages periodically is a good way to keep a job.

With a programming language, it’s not how good the person is programming it, it’s just the language and how good they are at syntax. They have to know how to code, plain and simple. If you can learn a specific language, then you are highly hirable and marketable.

There are tons of software development companies out there hiring, but they’re not having an easy time, because very entry-level positions have candidates that know specific programming languages.

It’s smart not to get fixated on just one or two languages though. In 10 years time, there will be different languages. And 10 years after that, there will be different languages.

PHP, C#, AJAX, Javascript, Perl, C, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, and VB.Net were seen as the best programming languages to know when it came to asking the world’s top developers and programmers what they thought. Just pick up a book on one of these at the store and get started. PHP is probably the best place to start, and it’s a niche that many people are looking for employees in

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