Cirth Example - from The Hobbit (Wilderland Map)



Cirth is not yet part of the international encoding standards.

The left side is the inscription using the ConScript Registry encoding for the Private Use Area of the Basic Multilingual Plane. The right side is the same inscription using code points extrapolated from the Roadmap and Cirth proposals for Unicode/ISO. Rather than having such experimental encodings in Plane One (where the current Roadmap shows an area for Cirth), this side is encoded using those extrapolated code points applied to Plane Fifteen, a Private Use Plane.
Tom Gewecke has a similar test for Cirth which provides more information at

The Dwarf's Rune shown in Cirth:
Riimut ja kirjaimet - Nice charts of the script along with a font link.
Here is a general Tolkien Links page which includes a section on the scripts.
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