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What is Code2000?

Code2000 is a shareware font. It is a Unicode-based font, as are many modern computer fonts. Code2000 is one of the larger fonts available and the latest build has over 60000 glyphs.

The current version of the font has glyphs covering all of the CJK ideographs in the Basic Multilingual Plane of Unicode. Of course, much work remains on the CJK in Code2000. There are still many rough, filler glyphs among the CJK ideographs, but the latest version is much improved over the previous version.

Code2000 can display most symbols and many of the Unicode scripts reasonably well. There are at least rudimentary OpenType tables for many of the complex Indic scripts, and some of the OpenType Indic tables are fairly well advanced. But, Code2000 doesn’t yet cover Sinhala or Tibetan. Of the Philippine scripts, only Buhid is covered by Code2000. Although Code2000 has many glyphs for Arabic, Code2000 can not yet be recommended for Arabic text display. Code2000 can populate charts for Oriya and Kannada — but can not yet properly display text in those scripts.

Code2000 is built on, designed for, and tested with modern Windows operating systems. It is reported to work with Mac and Linux, too.

Code2000 is a proportional font. If you need a good monospaced font covering many ranges of Unicode, please visit Everson Typography's Everson Mono web pages.

Code2000 is a “work-in-process”, which means it just keeps getting better!

Display Issues?

Proper display of so-called “complex” scripts depends on several factors. The operating system performs some functions all by itself, but it performs other functions in conjunction with instructions and data tables which are present in a font. On Windows platforms, this information inside the font is stored in “OpenType” tables. The operating system program used by Windows to get these font-specific instructions and implement them in the display is called “Uniscribe”. Naturally, newer versions of Windows and certain newer Microsoft applications include newer versions of the Uniscribe. And, of course, newer versions of the Uniscribe offer improved OpenType support.

It’s Shareware!

The Code2000 download has been freely available and fully functional all along. It is an inexpensive shareware, though, and registration fees are much needed and much appreciated.

The registration fee for Code2000 is a “one-time” fee and registered users are considered to be registered for all newer versions.

Users are required to register the font after a “reasonable” evaluation period if they like the font and continue to use it. However, determining what is “reasonable” is left for the user to decide. The Code2000 download doesn’t degrade or expire and there are no annoying pop-up screens. This has been left open-ended intentionally. In some cases, members of minority script user communites — those who need a font like Code2000 the most — can least afford it. Clearly, if registering the font means your family doesn’t get enough food on the table, even for one meal, then it is not reasonable to register the font.

But, if you can afford the small fee, and you like the font and continue to use it after a reasonable evaluation period, then register your shareware! After all, I need food on my plate, too.

The single user/single site fee is just US$5.

More fee information can be found in the HTML file included in CODE2000.ZIP.

Code2000 can be registered via PayPal using my e-mail address.


Download Code2000 (Version 1.171).

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