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The following is quoted from “The Candy Kid” by Erle Stanley Gardner, © 1931 by Red Star News Company.

      The valet was rubbing his jaw.
      “And, Scuttle,” said Lester Leith, beaming, “you’ve heard of daylight saving, of course. What do you think of it?”
      “It’s inconvenient in the mornings, sir, but convenient in the evening.”
      “Yes, indeed, Scuttle. Yet a moment’s thought will convince you that it hasn’t saved any daylight. It’s merely kidded man into believing that there is more daylight. The days aren’t any longer. Man simply gets up earlier.”
      “Yes, sir. I guess so, sir.”
      “Yes, indeed, Scuttle. But it’s a great plan. However, we shouldn’t limit it to clock juggling. Why not carry it to its logical conclusion and have a heat-saving plan? Why not have perpetual summer?”
      The valet was interested but dazed.
      “How could you do that, sir?”
      “I’ll show you. It’s now the second of November.”
      “Yes, sir.”
      “Very well, Scuttle. You see that calendar hanging against the wall?”
      “Yes, sir.”
      “Watch it.”
      And Lester Leith, stepping to the calendar, tore off the month of November. He did the same for December. Next year’s calendar was underneath, and from this he removed January, February, March, April, May, and June. The month that remained on top was July.

( . . . )

      Which was why, as Lester Leith sat bundled to the ears in a fur coat, there was an imperative rap on the door. He arose and opened it.
      Sergeant Ackley glared at him. “H’lo, Leith. Happened to be in the neighborhood and dropped in to see you.”
      Lester Leith gathered the fur coat about him.
      “Is this an official visit, Sergeant?”
      “Well, not exactly.”
      “You haven’t a warrant either for search or arrest?”
      “Good Lord, no! I tell you I just dropped in.”
      “Very well, then, it’s a social visit. Do come in, Sergeant, and sit down. It’s a little chilly for July. In fact, I don't remember when there’s been a cooler summer.”
      The sergeant stared at Lester Leith. “A cooler summer! Dammit, man, it’s winter.”
      Lester Leith positively beamed. “By George, that’s so. I forgot to tell you of my new heat-saving scheme. It’s the same as daylight saving. That is, it depends on the same psychological factors, and it’s equally logical.”

The following is quoted from “Message of the Stars” by Max Heindel and Augusta Foss Heindel © 1927, page 525.

♅ ☌ ☉ ♀   Uranus transiting radical Sun or Venus.
     These transits produce romantic attachments, Bohemian pleasures, unconventional experiences; when Uranus is retrograde this may last for a long time, but when he is in evil aspect immorality, scandal and divorce may result.

♅ ☌ ♂ ☽ ☿   Uranus transiting radical Mars, Moon or Mercury.
     These aspects of Uranus to the radical Mars, Moon or Mercury have a tendency to make the person rash, reckless, foolhardy and erratic, sometimes to the point of insanity if other testimonies in the horoscope concur, the phase of the mental disturbance varying from violence when induced by Mars, to mild idiocy when produced by the Moon.

The following is quoted from “Handbook of Mathematical Tables and Formulas” by Richard Stevens Burington © 1933:

38.  Ellipse (See §84).

Perimeter = 4a •E (k), where = 1 - (b²/a²), and E (k) is the complete elliptical integral E given in Table ⅩⅩⅥ.

A = πab, where a and b are lengths of semi-major and semi-minor axes respectively.

The following is quoted from Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary © 1972:

jelutong \ˈjel-ə-ˌtȯŋ\ n [Malay jĕlutong] 1 : any of several trees (genus Dyera) of the dogbane family 2 : the resinous rubbery latex of a jelutong (esp. Dyera costulata) used esp. as a chicle substitute

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