Ogham Example - Some "Just For Fun" Examples

ᚐᚅᚋ᚜ ᚒᚑᚏᚃ᚜ ᚋᚐᚉᚔ᚜ ᚋᚑᚌ᚜
ᚐᚅᚋ᚜ ᚂᚒᚉ᚜ ᚋᚐᚉᚔ᚜ ᚐᚅᚅᚔᚉᚔᚅ᚜
ᚐᚅᚋ᚜ ᚉᚐᚂ᚜ ᚋᚐᚉᚔ᚜ ᚔᚑᚏ᚜
ᚐᚅᚋ᚜ ᚐᚂᚓᚉᚄᚐᚅᚇᚏ᚜ ᚋᚐᚉᚔ᚜ ᚒᚑᚏᚃ᚜

Many of the existing Ogham inscriptions consist of "ᚐᚅᚋ᚜", anm , meaning "the stone (or inscription) of", the name of the inscriber, and "ᚋᚐᚉᚔ᚜", maci meaning "(the) son (of)", and then the name of the inscriber's father. There are variations of the spellings, for example maci also appears as maqi and maq. Many times, the first word is omitted. Also, there are a few more symbols than shown in the transliteration list below.
Here's a list of transliterations (from 1960 Encyclopædia Britannica)

ᚁᚂᚃᚄᚅ - b, l, v, s, n
ᚆᚇᚈᚉᚊ - h, d, t, c, q
ᚋᚌᚍᚎᚏ - m, g, ng, f(?z), r
ᚐᚑᚒᚓᚔ - a, o, u, e, i
᚜ - end of word

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