Following are Russian phrases with English translations and pronunciation, written in HTML using Unicode decimal NCR format. The textbook source has accent marks over the Cyrillic vowels which are not used for normal Russian. The practice of the time was to use these accent marks only in texts for students who were studying Russian.
There is a privy behind the house, but we haven't any bathroom.
Убо́рная за до́мом, а ва́нной-то у на́с не́т.
uBORnaya za DOmam, a VANnay to u nás ŅET.
We owe the shoemaker twenty-one roubles.
Мы́ должны́ сапо́жнику два́дцать оди́н ру́бль.
mí dalZHNI saPOzhņiku DVATciţ aḐIN RUBĻ.
Do you like borshch ?
Ва́м нра́вится бо́рщ ?
vám NRAv̧itsa BORSHCH ?
(The conversation following also had accent marks with the Cyrillic letters in the source, but I have not included them on this page.)
Много ли водки пьют русские ?

Да, но они не напиваются.

Как ? Никогда ?

О, иногда.
Но пьяных в России не очень уважают. Но все-таки есть русская пословица: Пьяный проснётся; но дурак никогда.

Она мне нравится.

Русский язык богат пословицами. В каждом русском доме вы найдете водку, пословицы и гостеприймство.

Peter) Do the Russians drink much vodka ?
Boris) Yes, but they don't get drunk.
Peter) What, never ?
Boris) Oh, sometimes.
But they haven't much respect for drunkards in Russia. Nevertheless, there's a Russian saying:
The drunkard will wake up; the fool, never.
Peter) I like that one.
Boris) (The) Russian language is full of proverbs. In every Russian home you'll find vodka, proverbs, and hospitality.
These source for these phrases is Spoken Russian BASIC COURSE - UNITS 1-12, This is WAR DEPARTMENT EDUCATION MANUAL EM 524, from the United States Armed Forces Institute - Madison, Wisconsin. The book is by I. M. Lesnin and Luba Petrova. Copyright 1945.
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