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Some of the following links are to other pages at this web site and others are direct links to other sites. The pages on this web site are (mostly) provided in pairs. The first link will be for a page encoded in decimal NCR format. The second link is for pages encoded in UTF-8 format with the UTF-8 tag in the file header.


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Visit Varnie Karmo's site to learn about the Bassa people of Liberia and Sierra Leone. There is currently a freeware beta TTF for the Vah script available for download. There is now an on-line dictionary in the works!


The Belarusian Language: Using Unicode (UTF-8) Encoding by Peter Kasaty. Site includes charts of the alphabet as well as Belarusian poetry with English translations and much more. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

BENGALI - বাঙালী (Unicode UTF-8 format)

Bopomofo Test. (Unicode decimal NCR format)
Bopomofo Test. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

Tsalagi Test and Resource Link. (Unicode decimal NCR format)
Tsalagi Test and Resource Link. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

The Chinese Radicals. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

CIRTH (Unofficial Encodings)

CONVERSION TOOLS (Encoding Conversion)

Some Handy Czech Phrases. (Unicode decimal NCR format)
Some Handy Czech Phrases. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

Birger Langkjers hjemmeside. (Includes some useful Unicode-related links.)

DARI (Persian, Eastern Farsi, Parsi) (Unicode UTF-8 format)

Learn about the history and culture of the region. This site has UTF-8 format content in the following languages: Dari (Persian, Farsi, Parsi), Pashto, Ozbeky, Turkmany, English, and French.

The Deseret Alphabet (Unicode decimal NCR format)


Please visit this award-winning site. This site was formerly Scripts of all India, and it has grown and is still growing ! A superb reference rich with readable graphics.

Does Your Browser Support English? (Unicode UTF-8 format)

Esperanto Test and Resource Links. (Unicode decimal NCR format)
Esperanto Test and Resource Links. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

ETHIOPIAN - የኢትዮጵያ ፊደል
"" ወደ መነሻው ገጽ (Ethiopian News Headlines) የሣምንቱ ዜናዎች
This link appears to be down as of early September 2006.

ETRUSCAN - ‮𐌓𐌀𐌔𐌍𐌀‬ - and other scripts
Tex Texin's Plane One page (Unicode NCR version)
...based on his Unicode Example Celebrity List
Sorin Paliga's Old Italic keyboard for MAC

Gothic Test and Resource Links. (Unicode decimal NCR format)

Greek Test and Resource Link. (Unicode decimal NCR format)
Greek Test and Resource Link. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

INDIC SCRIPTS (Links Related to Indian Language Computing)

INPUT Script pickers from Richard Ishida
Unicode Input

Andrew C. West's freeware BabelMap program for Windows.

IPA - ɪntəˈnæʃənəl fəˈnɛtɪk (The International Phonetic Alphabet in Unicode)

Konnichiwa Around the World. (Unicode decimal NCR format)
Konnichiwa Around the World. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

KLALLAM - nəxʷsƛʼáyəm (Graphics)

KLINGON -  -  
Klingon Test and Resource Link. (Unicode decimal NCR format)
Klingon Test and Resource Link. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

Korean Test. (Unicode decimal NCR format)
Korean Test. (Unicode UTF-8 format) (Unicode UTF-8 format) - Test page for Hangul Jamo range by Jungshik Shin.
Making Home Pages in Korean (In Japanese, Shift_JIS)

LAO - ລາວ
Lao Test Page from Tavultesoft. (Unicode UTF-8 format)
Note - this page not available as of 2020/09/05

Māori Test. (Unicode decimal NCR format)
Māori Test. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

Math Test. (Unicode decimal NCR format)


Navajo Test. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

NEPALI (Unicode UTF-8 format)

NUMBERS - 1٢੩四൫Ⅵ௭೮୯
A Table of Numbers. (Unicode decimal NCR format)
A Table of Numbers. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

OGHAM - ᚁᚓᚈᚆ ᚂᚒᚔᚄ ᚅᚔᚑᚅ
Ogham Test and Resource Link. (Unicode decimal NCR format)
Ogham Test and Resource Link. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

Behistun Inscription Portion (Unicode decimal NCR format)

BabelStone : Phags-pa Script

Andrew West has released the first Unicode font for the Phags-pa script. The above linked page has a link for the font download. This page (and other pages linked therein) contains a wealth of information about this fascinating historic script.

A Bequest Unearthed - Phoenicia

A huge site full of interesting information about Phoenicia and its heritage, including pages about the language, the Phoenician script, and the lore of this fascinating culture of historic importance.

The Moabite Stone. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

PUNJABI - ਪੰਜਾਬੀ - (Poetry by ਪ੍ਰੀਤਮ ਸਿਘ ਧੰਜਲ) (Graphics)
Punjabi Computing Resource Centre Unicode 4.0 Gurmukhi Unicode font download!

RUNIC - ᚠᚢᚦᚫᚱᚴ
The Björketorp Inscription. (Unicode decimal NCR format)
The Björketorp Inscription. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

Some Phrases In Russian. (Unicode decimal NCR format)
Some Phrases In Russian. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

Southern Tutchone Orthography Example (Unicode decimal NCR format)
Southern Tutchone Orthography Example (Unicode UTF-8 format)

Sample Syriac Text (Unicode Decimal NCR format)

TAMIL - தமிழ்
Sample Tamil Text (Unicode Decimal NCR format)
Sample Tamil Text (Unicode UTF-8 format)

TENGWAR (Unofficial encodings)
Tengwar Test and Links

THAANA - ަނ​ާތ  ިޅ​ުބ​ަގ
Sample Thaana Text and Resource Links. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

THAI - ไทย
Title Page from English-Thai Dictionary. (Unicode Decimal NCR format)
Title Page from English-Thai Dictionary. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

UCAS - as used in ᐅᒥᐅᔭᕐᒃ, ᓄᓇᕕᒃ and other places.
- Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics

Ronald Ogawa has a very nice font currently available as beta-test freeware which includes Latin, Cyrillic, Greek and the UCAS. The UCAS are used for writing languages such as Cree, Naskapi, Ojibwe, and Inuktitut. The font is called "Ballymun RO" and is available at:

There are sample UCAS documents available on his server's home page: for Cree and Inuktitut, as well as test pages for Gaelic.

Giống Kiến Lửa Du Nhập (Unicode decimal NCR format)
Giống Kiến Lửa Du Nhập (Unicode UTF-8 format) (Unicode Decimal NCR format) Trụ Sở Vovisoft has articles on computing in the Vietnamese language, even tutorials for Visual Basic!

YI Andrew C. West's Yi Pages

YIDDISH Understanding Yiddish Information Processing with Unicode

Yorùbá Example and Resource Link. (Unicode decimal NCR format)
Yorùbá Example and Resource Link. (Unicode UTF-8 format)

Multiple Language Resources

AIYONG MULTILINGUAL Site uses many graphics so some pages do not load quickly, but worth the wait. In addition to both free and commercial translations, the site offers basic conversational phrases in 31 languages. (Script and sound!)


THE FOUR ESSENTIAL TRAVEL PHRASES Four phrases every traveller should know translated into many languages and dialects.

HOT PEACH PAGES/EARTHWORDS Over 20 different Unicode ranges used, including Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Devanagari, Bengali, Gurmukhi, Gujarati, Tamil, Thai, Lao, Georgian, Ethiopic, Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics and CJK ranges.

INTERNATIONAL GLOSSARY OF HYDROLOGY Pierre Hubert is working on a project to provide the International Glossary of Hydrology in HTML/Unicode format. The original book, published by UNESCO and the World Meteorological Organization, contained terms in English, Spanish, French, and Russian. With assistance from diverse colleagues, he has added several languages to the glossary. All of the encoding on the site is Unicode, with the exception of the Hindi pages.

JENNIFER'S LANGUAGE LINKS Comprehensive Linguistic Links

LANGUAGES ON THE WEB Thousands of links. Well organized. Site does not use fancy graphics or java scripts so pages load quickly. You can find links to on-line instruction, on-line dictionaries, as well as references on specific languages and the cultures of the language speakers.


Tex Texin's Unicode Example Celebrity List

- Unicode Support/Testing with Multilingual Sample Pages.

Unicode Editors

Now you can create Unicode documents for the World Wide Web with Sharmahd Computing's UniPad. Just create a file with UniPad, save it as UTF-8, and rename the file with file extension *.htm. You can then read the document in your Internet Explorer 5.0 (with "View"-"Encoding"-"Unicode (UTF-8)" selected). (Calling a file *.htm doesn't make the file an HTML file, though! Some mark-up may be required, such as the <BR> tag...)

UniPad is a commercial product, a limited freeware version is also offered.

Andrew C. West's BabelPad is currently freeware. It is for Windows platforms. Features include the ability to use any installed TrueType/OpenType font along with several extremely useful input methods for eastern scripts. The editor also uses the system's complex script shaping engine, which means that complex scripts can be displayed correctly in a plain-text editor. BabelPad includes complete support for Unicode 4.0, including characters beyond the Basic Multilingual Plane. This editor represents a tremendous amount of work and is most welcome.

Unicode-based Fonts

In addition to the Ballymun RO font mentioned above (under UCAS), and the Code2000 font available on my home page...
Herman Miller creates fictional and experimental languages. He has a freeware Unicode-based font called Thryomanes available at his website:

Thryomanes includes all of the extended Latin characters. Try viewing the Vietnamese test page referenced above with Thryomanes.

Thryomanes is currently archived on his "Languages" page along with several other interesting freeware TTFs.
Junicode, a Unicode-based font for medievalists:
Cardo, a Unicode-based font with OpenType tables for Hebrew and Latin!
WAZU JAPAN's Gallery of Unicode Fonts

An extensive guide to Unicode fonts.

Unicode Resources

For more information about Unicode, please visit "Fonts for the Unicode Character Set", maintained by Nelson H. F. Beebe at the University of Utah.

There is also an abundance of useful information on his home page: well as the Unicode-related bibliography at:

...which he maintains as part of the TeX User Group Bibliography Archive.
Another excellent Unicode resource:

Please visit Alan Wood's website.

There are Unicode charts with character names as well as clear, instructive information about the background and implementation of Unicode, including tips about using Unicode in several applications.

Unicode Test Pages:
Be sure to follow this link to the SAMPA home page for additional browser/unicode tests.

Unicode Test Pages:

СЛОВО - SLOVO (Christoph Singer)

This site tells you how to make your PC write in Slavic, Cyrillic, and East Central European languages.

Эти страницы содержат информацию о том, как настроить персональный компьютер для работы с русским разыком и другими славранскими языками, в том числе старославянским и дореволюционным русским, и где можно найти шрифты и полезные для многоязычной работы программы в Интернете.

Unicode Information in Vietnamese:

This page from Trụ Sở Vovisoft explains about Unicode and shows how to enable Vietnamese support in various software applications. There is a link provided on the site for the new version of the Tahoma font which supports Vietnamese requirements.

Unicode cho chữ Việt

International Commerce:
Multilingual Websites and Foreign Language E-commerce

Plenty of practical information here including well-written overviews with titles such as: "How to Get Started in Multilingual Web E-commerce"
...and, be sure to visit their home page.

Unicode Test Pages:
Test pages from Richard Ishida as well as charts
comparing features of various scripts:

Unicode Test Pages:
Test pages and charts from MauveCloud
which also include a handy romaji to kana converter page!

Unicode Test Page:
Here is a quick Unicode test page from Robert Parker:

Unicode Test Page:
Here is the Unicode Test Page from EHC:

Unicode によるハングル•日本語混在のテストページ

Unicode Test Page:
Test pages from Paul Johnston:

Unicode Test Page:
Test page from Kermit, the Terminal Emulation folks:

Unicode Test Page:
Test page from Katolika Lingvolaboristo:

Unicode Test Page:
Test page from ThreeWeb:

Unicode Test Page:
Test page from Maribyrnong Library:

Unicode Test Page:
Test page from Тверской Государственный Университет
( UTF-7 format )

Unicode Test Page:
Peter Kleiweg has Unicode charts for fixed width fonts
under 'Manuals'

Unicode Test Page:

Search Engine - The Next Generation

Bjondi International has developed a new web site called Skworm. It promises to be different than anything available.
Visit their home page and phrase your own search at:

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