     

󲁑 󲀥󲁆󲀚󲀐 󲀜󲀦󲁄󲀚󲁀 󲀚󲀦󲁊󲀑󲁆󲀐󲁍 󲀥󲁈󲀑󲁆󲀌󲁄󲀥󲁆󲀚󲀕󲁈 󲁑

The above message is repeated. The first appearance shows Tengwar as encoded into the Basic Multilingual Plane of Unicode in the Private Use Area according to the ConScript Unicode Registry. The second appearance is encoded to Plane Fifteen (a private use plane) according to the proposal being considered by Unicode/ISO for inclusion to Plane One, the Secondary Multilingual Plane. The code points are extrapolated from the proposal along with the Roadmap, but are placed in Plane Fifteen rather than Plane One because the script has not yet been accepted. The proposal is still under review and experts are debating topics such as proper handling of combining marks in the encoding stream.

Converting from the Conscript Basic Multilingual Plane Private Use Area encoding to the experimental encoding involves simple addition. Add 933888 to the decimal character number, just like for the Cirth.

If Tengwar is accepted into Plane One exactly as it is proposed, a similar math operation would be used to convert existing non-Standard material into an officially approved format.

Will Tengwar be accepted under the format used in the most recent proposal? Probably not. So, pages like this one are primarily for testers, implementers, and innovators to explore future possibilities of the encoding standard beyond the Basic Multilingual Plane.

The Private Use Area in the Basic Multilingual Plane (Plane Zero) and the Private Use Plane itself (Plane Fifteen) represent code points which will never be assigned by the various standards organizations. Web sites like the ConScript Unicode Registry offer one way of using some of those code points. But, there are various groups, small and large, who also use the Private Use Area. This means that the display of any Private Use Area material depends on the font(s) installed on your system. If your system is using a font which has different characters or no characters at all assigned to those private code points, you'll either see gibberish or null boxes.

To see another experimental example of Plane Zero and Plane Fifteen encodings for Tengwar, please visit this page by Tom Gewecke:

If you wish to learn what...
(Plane Zero PUA)

         

(Plane Fifteen)

󲀅󲀐󲁈󲀍󲀚󲁈󲀥󲁊 󲀚󲁀󲀍󲀃󲁈󲀥󲁄 󲀚󲀥󲁀 󲀁󲀘󲁈󲀀󲀝󲁄󲀀󲀐󲁈󲁐 󲀍󲀘󲁆󲀊󲀖󲁀󲀐󲀥󲁆 󲀝󲁆󲀀󲀝󲁀 󲀘󲀐󲁀󲀥󲁈 󲀐󲁆 󲀑󲀥󲁄󲀥󲁀 󲀅󲀄󲁄󲀥󲁆󲀥󲁈󲁑

... means, please visit http://www.catb.org/~esr/tengwar/esperanto-tengwar.html.

To learn more about Тенгвар (not to mention Кертар, which is sometimes called Ангертас Мориа), please visit: http://students.uniyar.ac.ru/~tolik/tolkien/pismena/

Jazyky a písma-Tengwar:

Mellonath Daeron, an impressive web site:

For a careful study of how Tengwar might be used to write English, please visit:

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